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//It’s really sad to look back on some of my roleplays, and realize that those roleplayers deleted their blogs. They were all fantastic, but some of them were absolutely stupendous.

//Wow, I still have followers here?

Hey everyone! It’s Meelo-mun, poking her head out of her very, VERY long hiatus. I don’t know if I’ll be truly coming back to this blog or not - I’m hoping the new season of LOK will lend me some inspiration. Perhaps I’ll read up on it a bit more and be inspired, and continue roleplaying. If I don’t after this newest season, I’ll end up deleting this blog.

That being said, while I certainly won’t be doing any paragraph-style roleplays right now, I will start accepting asks as a means to try to get back into it. I want to give this a trial run again, see if this is actually something I want to keep doing, now that I don’t have school to worry about.

So, if any of you happen to notice this, and are reblogging some good ask prompts, tag me please? So that I can find it and get into it, and maybe send you some IC asks, too!

OOC: Brief Hi!

Hello all! I haven’t been on here in some time - I have been so crazy busy from school, that I really haven’t had the opportunity to roleplay, nor have I had the time to maintain any long-term roleplays. I find myself with some time tonight, however, so if anybody would like to drop by and harrass Meelo, he and I would love that!

Also, I have to thank all the followers I still have: it’s been a long hiatus, and I understand completely why many of you left. I’m impressed that so many of you are still around. So, again, if anyone would like to say hi, I would love the company, and Meelo always loves a bit of attention :P





This is my best friend, Berlina.

Since kindergarten, she’s been bullied over her weight. She’s had health complications because of it. She’s changed schools because of it. And when I met her in year 7, she was still so bubbly, so full of life, you’d never believe that someone this strong was hiding so much pain. 

She’s always been there for me as a friend. Last year, she sat by my hospital bedside for hours and hours and hours after my overdose. She literally wouldn’t leave until the nurses forced everyone out. And the sacrifices she’s made for not only me but all of my friends amazes me, because she’s taken on everyone else’s pain as well as her own. 

Recently, she’s been through a lot. It’s our final year of high school and all our teachers are harassing her for ‘not putting enough effort into her studies’ despite the fact that she’s not going for an ATAR (final exam rank). She cuts the words fat and ugly into her arm. She’s dealt with death threats from one of her ex best friends. She’s had guys treat her like shit and been called a slut and a fat bitch. And so she’s starting to believe it.

Please, please reblog this if you think Berlina is beautiful, inside and out. Reblog if you have a friend who’s amazing who you want to tell all of tumblr about. 

Reblog because no one so good should feel so bad that they want to end their own life.

good lordy what a cutie pie

The confidence she conveys in this photo makes her absolutely stunning, and her actions show that she has a beautiful heart to match. ;A;

Give her my regards! ;w;

(Source: sleepless-chic)



Hyperstealth is a Canadian company that has recently developed a material that bends light waves around a target that allows for complete invisibility labeled “Quantum Stealth”. The material removes not only your visual, infrared (night vision) and thermal signatures but also the target’s shadow.

fucking canada made the invisibility cloak

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